Saturday 23 April 2016

Make a Wish by Danielle Vertigan

Every time I get the chance to show you what I've been playing with lately I get very excited!
There is lots of thinking.... about
How can I use them differently?
How can I show versatility?
What's something that perhaps although so simple may not have been thought of?
I hope this post gives you a little of that!
So to get started I've used a little of everything.....
Shimmer Spray, Embossing Powder and Colour Paste

Firstly I started with white Cardstock mounted on board and Spritzed to the left of centre to moving slightly upward and also in the bottom right corner.
The spray is very soft with delicate colour and gives a beautiful sheen.

Next I've chosen a stencil, this particular stencil has tendency to not come out so clean due to the intricate pattern however this has been considered and will work in our favour.
I've used the Stormy Weather Colour Paste in a central section to both of my spritzed areas.
then I've lapped it with Snow White. This has created a beautiful marbled effect and added another dimension to the colour.
My next step was to sprinkle the wet paste with Apple of my Eye embossing powder. Tap away the excess into a tray and set with your heat gun.
There was some bubbling of the paste, it created another great effect and is something not to worry about.

Don't do what I did and sprinkled both sections at once!! It makes it to difficult to remove the excess.

HINT- Any residue left from the embossing powder will brush away with a clean dry paint brush. 

My Script Stamp worked perfectly with a stazon ink to create another layered dimension.
this was along the bottom and and moving to the left of my right corner sections
and then running fairly central of my paste from the top of my page down into the main area of my layout.

Now it was time to embellish and I chose all white flowers in varying sizes.
My larger ones where spritzed extremely well with Apple of My Eye, 1 was left as is and the other 4 where then dipped into the Envy Embossing Powder.
and set with the heat gun.

Itemised - The roses where completely dipped after spritzing receiving the strongest colour.
My large blossom had the edges rolled in the pot creating variation and
my Apple Blossoms where left one spritzed and the other was then embossed and re spritzed
 The change was gorgeous.

4 Medium flowers where run through the spritz residue left behind and came away with a delicate colour along the petals edge which broke up the layout nicely.
My remaining small flowers where left white.
As you will notice some flowers had there stems removed and some kept them and these where curled around a skewer. It adds a nice touch...

Customising the flowers gave me great freedom and allowed me to adjust the colours as they needed.
Don't be afraid to add more spray, a touch of ink and more embossing powder to deepen?
 It really is endless and completely up to you.
A touch of bling with the sequins and Doily,
A little metal in flowers and wire.
(I do love to manipulate my wire into titles)
and finished off with a flair!

 A relatively clean layout utilising white space and yet a completely customised colour palette to suit.
Lots of Fun....
and hopefully a little something you can take with you on your next creations?
Happy Scrapping

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