Monday 11 April 2016

Accept changes , life goes on . 20x20 canvas

Sometimes I am filled with melancholic feelings when I think about my 8 children.
looking old pictures I miss times when they were small.
I raised them up alone and we have had hard times together.
No family, just the 9 of us.
But life goes on and although they all fly out, they are still in my near.
So I made a small canvas just for myself.
It represent my children flying away from me and thats ok :) 

I like abstract and also the red/black / white colorscheme.

I started by spreading out white gesso over a black canvas.
Into the wet gesso I sprayed shimmer mist charcoal.
Sorry, I had to make the pictures by night....strange colors :) 

Than I took some chipboard negatives .
I always save them, they have great shapes...
I lay them in the wet gesso and take them off again.
It gives me some extra white texture as you see above the chipboard.

Next I color the chipboard with the red embossingpowder.
 But first I stippled on gesso to give it a rough look.

I took two simple chipboard butterflys, gessod them...

And covered them up with tissuepaper 

It is a good reminder and hanging just above my crafttable :) 


Thanks for visiting the blog, have a great week !

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