Monday 25 April 2016

Art Journal pages by Wilma Voermans

I dont do it often, but I was in the mood for a Journal page today.
I had fun, playing with the colors.

Most of the time I create things at night  .
For videos it is not a big problem, but the step pictures are a little dark.
Sorry for that.

I started with the bling paste, 
I rubbed it through a stencil with a wet babywhipe to keep it soft in the background.
After that I sticked washitape to the page to get texture for the colors to come.
I sprayed glimmerspray in three colors on the whole background.
Apple. leather and bling.
On the wet spray I sprenkled embossingpowder in gold and leather.
After that very random paste in apple and bling.

The chipboard also sprayed with leather
 and than embossing powder in the same colors as I used on my background.

Plus the pinkish/red Fire engine powder.

Stamping  black and green.

Final touches splatters in all the colors I used before and title.
Thanks for visiting the blog !

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