Saturday 12 March 2016

Spritzing Fun by Danielle Vertigan

The time comes around so fast and here I am again ready to share some more Colour Blast fun!
Its a long weekend in Victoria so there is plenty of time for some crafting fun to be had. Today I decided it was time to get into the spritzing.

I've spent a lot of time playing with the pastes and powders they are so addictive!!!
So I wanted to see what I could do with 3 card bases and some sprays.
I started with my card bases and I also like to work with a backing card especially when the project is going to get wet!!
Adhere your card fronts to the backing card
The first is a basic Spritz.
I chose 2 colours and sprayed them top and bottom.
The wetter it gets you can actually lift the card and move it around to spread the colour if you choose.
I dragged the edges through the leftover spritz in the misting station to stain the edges.
No wastage!
(I like to lay a sheet in the station so I don't get any bleed from previous projects)

My Second card I poured the spray into my pallet and used a paintbrush to apply it to my cards so that I could create clouds. I allowed this to settle and dry before re applying.
So long as you stay within your first application the colour wont bleed outside the original application. The colour and shimmer result is amazing.
A quick shake of the brush and any extra colour flicked onto my card.
My final card was the stalk! First I flicked the stalk across my card to create a speckled effect.
Then I drew my circles. You can start in different places each time and have a good amount of freedom with this technique. Lastly I dipped the stalk and waited till a drop formed before running it along my edges to create a watermark effect.
I finished them off with some embellishment and a little texture of coarse....

I couldn't go past the embossing powders for this .
I stamped directly onto the page and embossed. You will get a touch of residue but it will wipe away with a tissue beautifully.
A touch more embossing on wood and I love this piece...

Some Free hand Texture to create my ballons and the gel pen.
I used a white gel pen to create a touch of texture in my clouds with a crackled line effect.
I also ran the edges through the misting station to pick up the left over colour from Royalty.
We are ready to party while the balloons float in the sky.

Some basic texture smears where all this piece needed and I love the colour of the purple flower!!
I grabbed a white flower and spritzed this first, then using the watercolour technique I was able to deepen the colour dabbing the colour directly from the bottle using a paint brush.

I hope that gives you some new inspiration for your next project
Till next time...


  1. Wow - these are fantastic Danielle! Such great ideas!

  2. Thanks Heather! They are so much fun to tinker with