Sunday 13 March 2016

Dragon Eggs by Kerry Fellowes

Hello again, it's me, Kerry.

Can you believe its almost Easter already??!?!?  Today I have a fun little Easter project to share with you.  Those of you that know me will be aware of my love of fairies and fantasy, so of course Easter at my house means we have Dragon Eggs!!

For this project you will need some tissue paper, some 'eggs' ( I used polystyrene ones from spotlight, but you could use a blown egg if you are more patient than me...LOL).  You will need some glue or medium for gluing the tissue, a heat tool and some Colour Blast sprays, pastes and embossing powders.

Firstly, take a piece of tissue paper, (I have used black as I really like how the colours contrast against it, but you can use any colour).  Scrunch the tissue up so you have lots of texture, then flatten it out again.

Using the glue/gel medium, cover the surface of the egg with the tissue making sure you leave the texture clearly visible and set aside to dry.  You can use your heat tool to help speed this along but be mindful if you are using polystyrene eggs as they will melt inside the tissue so keep a bit of distance and keep the heat tool moving.

Once they are all dry the fun begins!  I added a little of the paste in Royalty to my finger and gently rubbed it into the surface of the egg, this catches all the raised parts of the tissue texture and leaves the lower areas black, I dried this with the heat tool, then I sprayed the egg with Deep water and set it aside to dry.

The next egg was done in the same fashion using Bling and Deep Water paste and then spraying over the top with Bling.

The next one I did a little differently, using the Rose Petal embossing powder to cover the bottom of the egg. Remember to keep the heat tool moving so as not to melt the polystyrene egg.  Once the embossing powder was set, I went over the egg as I had done with the other two, firstly with some Bling paste and then some Bling spray.

Once all your eggs are coloured and dry you can adorn them with jewels, chains, beads sequins, just about anything!  This is a fun project you can do with the kids too, they will love making the eggs and telling you all about their dragon baby inside waiting to hatch!

You can find all the Colour Blast products HERE.

I wish you all a happy and safe Easter break and thanks for dropping in. xx