Friday 22 May 2020

Shine Within by Tracey Campbell

Hello everyone, Tracey Campbell here with a Creative Team share using the beautiful Trendsetter collection designed by Michelle Grant. This collection is full of stunning blues and purples with a fashion runway theme to it, but versatile enough to use for other themes. I have teamed it with a photo of me taken in Hawaii in 2018. I have put together a few step-by-steps here in the blog on how the layout came about and also a link to where I have filmed my process in full, so grab a cuppa and have a read or watch. 

Shine Within

To create the background cut of a 10 cm strip from the Classy patterned paper - make sure that you include one of the lace boarders, adhere the strip to the left hand side of some white cardstock. Sprinkle a small amount of Duke and Passion Colour Shimmer dust on the bottom right corner and the centre of the Classy patterned paper and cardstock (you can see the exact positioning of the Shimmer Dust in the final layout). Activate the Shimmer Dust with a fine spray of water, blot off excess liquid with a paper towel. I felt that I needed a bit more colour so I repeated the process using the tiniest amount of Lollipop and Sunshine Shimmer Dust. Let dry.
Using a paint palette spread some Heavy White Gesso through the flowers on the Sparkle stencil. Concentrate on the bottom right hand corner and the area where the Classy patterned paper and white cardstock over laps - where the Shimmer Dust is. 
Fussy cut the flowers out of the Sparkle Patterned Paper cut-apart sheet and using the Sunshine, Carrot, Grape, Fuchsia and Ultramarine Watercolour Inspired Pan Set paint the flowers. If you don't have the Watercolour Inspired Pan Set you can used the Artist Inks diluted down with water or any other water colours.
From the "B" Sides of Classy and Runway Patterned Paper cut out three 10x10 cm squares and then cut out the centre to make square Frames. Interlock the frames together. Layer up the photo mount area but placing down half a white doily, a 7x10 cm portrait photo and the frames.
Cut out the word title "Nothing Can Dim the Light That Shines Within" from the Sparkle Patterned Paper cut-apart sheet and using the Watercolour Inspired Pan Set and a very thin paint brush fill in the letters with a blue, purple and pink ombre effect. 
Build up a cluster in the bottom right hand corner using a few strips of patterned paper. I used piece of 4x8cm from Chic and 1x10 strip from Classy Patterned Papers. Build up a cluster by placing the Patterned Paper strips and three flowers. 
Using 3 Dimensional tap adhere the remain flowers around the photo cluster, have some of the larger flowers tucked behind the frames and the smaller flowers overlapping over the top.
Cut the work title into for pieces and using a pair of scissors destress the edges of the title. Place the words "Nothing Can Dim the Light That" down the bottom right hand side of the photo cluster area and the words "Shine Within" over the cluster on the bottom right hand side. See finished layout for exact positioning. 
I have created a process video if you would like to watch how the layout was created. You can find it here on my YouTube channel. 
Thanks for stopping in and I hope I inspired you to pull out your Trend Setter range and get creating. 

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