Thursday 12 March 2020

Art Journal - Shadow Lady by Tracey Campbell

Hello, I am excited to be here today, sharing my first Art journal page. I have been part of the Bee Arty with Colour Blast Kit Creative Team for some time and am now happy to be sharing my inspiration here on the blog.
Today I have created Shadow Lady using a few different products which I will outline as I give you step by steps on how she took shape.
In my art journal I lightly traced the Face Side Profile 1 Stencil with a lead pencil.
Next I lightly filled in an outline for some flowing hair and a flower in the hair.
 Using the Fuchsia Inspired Collection Pan Watercolour Set  or some watered down Slipper Colour Artist Ink  paint in the hair, with varying degrees of hues. This is done by adding more water to the paint or ink to dilute the colour down.
Repeat the process with the Sea Foam Watercolour Pan Set or Mermaid Colour Artist Ink adding highlights to the hair.
Fill in the back ground, the feather and the flower with the Watercolour Pants or diluted Colour Artist Ink. Once dry lightly sprinkle Midnight Colour Shimmer Dust around the background of the Shadow Lady.
Using a spray bottle of water activate the Colour Shimmer Spray and let dry.
Place the Face Side Profile 1 Stencil over the traced profile and apply a layer of Dusty Charcoal
Let dry.
Using a waterproof ink and the Meridian and Live Your Art Stamp Sets ink the circle images around the profile. Let the ink dry.
 Using a pallet knife spread some Bling Colour Paste through the Dusk Stencil over the inked back ground.
Speed up the drying paste by using a heat gun, this will also make the Colour Paste bubble, which adds texture to the page.
For the finishing touches use a black marker to outline the Shadow Lady image, the feather, the flower and add waves of hair.

To add interest fill in some thicker lines of the hair and then use a white paint pen to add details of dots and lines.
Here is the final image, I hope I have inspired you to pull out your mixed media and get messy.
Thanks for you time.

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