Friday 20 March 2020

Technique Tanya Froud

Hi Bees!
Today I have a technique for you. I wont say quick, because you need to let it dry overnight...patience!

 You will need
-Watercolor Card Stock
-Shimmer Dusts
-Cling Wrap
-Water spritz bottle
-Washi tape or masking tape

Simply tape your your card down to the table to keep it flat.
Next sprinkle a tiny bit of shimmer dusts in your chosen colors (remember mixing warm and cool colors can make muddy colors)
Spray with a good amount of water.
Take a piece of cling wrap larger than your card and lay/scrunch it to cover all your card.
Walk away and let dry naturally.

Once fully dry pull back and reveal your masterpiece.
These are great for Card fronts, art Journal pages or even on a scrapbook page.

Here is one that I drew on to create a night forest scene.

Well that is it from me, i would love to see if you try this idea!

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