Friday 1 March 2019

#nofilter by Michelle Henderson

First up today I have a couple of little sneaks for you...

For the first time in ages, I used Kraft cardstock as a base.

I got out my trusty Heavy White Gesso, and using a combination of a brayer and fan brush, went around the edges to create a messy border. I thinned it down a little with water for this first step.

I chose about 4-5 stencils and this time used an old card to smear more gesso (not thinned this time)
just leaving a bit of "white"space towards the centre.

I broke out the Colour Shimmer Dust in Peacock , and mixed very sparingly with water, before using the kissing technique to lay some colour in top right quarter.

I mixed a little Duke up with water also, and soaked some muslin in it to get the strength of colour I wanted. 

Once it was dry, I used it as a layer under my photo, added the rest of my embellies...
and Voila!

Hope you like it!

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