Wednesday 6 March 2019

Blue Magnolia by Kristy Abela

Hi Colour Blasters, 
This time round I have done something a little different. While I was preparing my class for Scrapbook Superstore in Penrith I had a play at creating a new Colour Blast Colour Paste shade to use with my papers as the standard colours just didn't match... We scrappers like things to match or compliment don't we??

So this is how it began...
I grabbed all my pots of Blues in the Colour Blast Colour Pastes: Just Blue, Singing the blues, Deep water and my Favourite Envy!! I swatched them and compared them to the paper I was working on. None of them made me happy so while I had all my pots out together I tried blending them...

I was starting to get some really cool variations on the standard colours. And made some notes on the rough ratio so I could reproduce the colour later. 


Once I had decided on which colour to use I made up a bigger batch. I used Colour Paste in Envy and Just Blue in a ratio of 4:1 so I didn't lose that super green shade in the blue. 

 I found that I lost some of the blue... and had to top up so I changed my ratio to 5:2.


Now I could get on with using my Michelle Grant Stencil - Live your Dreams.

Here are a few images from the finished layout. I hope next time you don't have the EXACT shade you do some colour matching too.

Let me know how you go by posting your experiments on our Facebook Page - Colour Blast Creative Corner.

Abela Artistry

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