Friday 15 March 2019

All Grown Up by Michelle Henderson

I've just seen my baby off to another city to live - she's now 18 and starting Uni, so I've been reflecting on's just so hard to believe she's old enough!!

At least I have more time to scrap!

I thought I'd do a little free style today, to get me back into the swing of things...and flowers being one of my favourite things that's what I started with.

I got out my Colour Artist Inks, and with Slipper thinned right down, painted some loose circles.

I went over them again in a messy spiral with slightly more concentrated Slipper.

Once they were dry, I used some Bordeaux to give more depth.

I did the same process with the leaves, using two different concentrations of Grass, and then a little Mermaid for highlights. I also spattered lightly near the flowers.

For detailing, I used a .3 Uni pen to scribble the flowers and leaves, plus a little at the bottom (I did this later) where I was placing a second cluster.

Time to add the photo and embellies!

Thanks for joining me today 😃

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