Monday 22 May 2017

Trinket Box by Amy Prior

Hi there Colour Blast fans! Amy Prior back with you all again today, this time sharing a fun trinket box that I decorated for my daughter's bedroom.

Here is the full tutorial on how I decorated this trinket box.

Step 1: Adhere some printed tissue paper over the outer surface of the box and lid using some Matte Medium.

Step 2: Mix some White Heavy Gesso with water and paint over all the tissue paper to dull the pattern subtly. 

Step 3: Begin painting the box using Colour Shimmer Cubes in colours Blush, Singin the Blues, Envy & Bling.

Step 4: Keep adding each of the Colour Shimmer Cube colours until you get the desired effect. Don't add too much water as you want to avoid the colours mixing together as they will turn brown.

Step 5: Scrape some Heavy White Gesso through a stencil all over the box and lid.

Step 6: Splatter some Roadbase  Colour Spray all over the outside surfaces by taking off the lid of the spray and splattering randomly with the inner straw. 

Step 7: When the box is completely dry, spray some Clear Gloss Laquer over the entire painted surface and allow to dry.

Checkout the gorgeous shimmer of these paints! They are so lush I just love them.

Well that is it from me today, thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, happy scrapping!

Amy Prior xx


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