Monday 8 May 2017

Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo Brisbane - Classes and Trade Stand


We are currently preparing for the Scapbook and Papercraft Expo in Brisbane which is on from Friday 9th June to Sunday 11th June.  

We are really excited about this show as it is really nice to be able to see and speak to all our loyal Colour Blast fan's!

This year we also have 3 very talented artists teaching for us. Each teacher will be teaching a different class each day, which means that if you LOVE a particular teacher, you can attend their class each day. Each teacher will be using a range of Colour Blast products in their classes along with a range of other popular products.  These classes are a great opportunity to use Colour Blast products as well as have fun getting creative and messy.

This first teacher is Melissa Struhs - 

The second teacher is Krisy Podolak - 

The third teacher is Michelle Grant - 

Bookings for these classes will go 'LIVE' at 11am today.  Booking can be made via the Scapbook and Papercraft Expo Brisbane website - click here to book your classes.

Amongst classes, we will also have a trade stand.  Our stand will be located at A22.  Our stand will be full of our amazing products, including some very new ranges that you may not have seen. We will also have demonstrations occurring daily, so come to our stand and see our products in action.  

We are excited and looking forward to seeing you all at the show.


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