Saturday 27 May 2017

Autumn Leaves by Ree Peace

Hi all!!!
How amazing is Autumn? And how clever is Colour Blast? Combine the two and you get a Blast of Autumn on your page!

I gathered the Colour Sprays and Shimmer Sprays for this project.
Colour Sprays: Saffron, Rainforest and Coffee
Colour Shimmer Sprays: Leather, Fire Engine, Tangereen Dream

First I drew some fineliner leaf outlines

And misted them lightly with water before colouring them with layers of the above colours...

When I felt they matched those in my chosen pic I dried the cardstock off with my heat gun.

Next I Created highlights with Bling Colour Paste because who can go by some Blingy bits?!?!?!

This dried wonderfully, so much shimmery shine!

Here is the completed background...

And this is how I used it =)
These guys just love to give me the best shots!

Enjoy what is left of the beautiful colours before the bleak greys arrive!

Signing off for now, Ree =)

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