Monday 6 March 2017

1 product 3 ways by Tracey Campbell

Hello and welcome back, I wanted to do something a little different this time. I wanted to take just one Colour Blast product and show you three different ways to use it on your background cardstock to create three quick and simple layouts. I chose Rainforest Colour Spray.
Background One
 Take the straw out of the Colour Spray and splatter onto the cardstock.  Hold close to the cardstock and flick for smaller splats. For the bigger droplets hold as much spray onto the straw as you can and let build up into one drop and let it go from a distance.
 Once dry finish the layout our off with a photo, patterned paper, embellishments, journaling and a title. Using the Colour Spray splatters on the background creates interest and movement across your page.  
Background Two 
  Use a 12x12 stencil over the cardstock and simply spray with Rainforest Colour Spray over the top. Lift the stencil off without tilting it as the extra spray may run. A quick and easy way to add a visual texture to your creation.
Once dry finish off your layout with a photo, embellishments, a title, patterned paper and journaling. 
Bonus Extra
If you are like me and hate to waist any product then when you take your stencil off after spraying it like in the layout above quickly flip it over and press it down with your hand onto another plain piece of cardstock.
 You will be left with a reverse stencil pattern and another 12x12 background to use at a later stage.
Background Three
Working quickly make two puddles of Rainforest Colour Spray on your 12x12 background cardstock. Whilst still wet pick the 12x12 cardstock up and let the puddles of Colour Spray run down the page. 
 You may need to guide the runs where to go with a gentle blow or the tip a brush. Using the Colour Spray this way creates movement and interest in your background.
Finish off the layout with patterned paper, embellishments, titles and journaling. 
So as you can see the Colour Sprays are versatile and easy to use, they create interest, movement and visual texture to your creations. I wanted to do this post for those of you who are only new to the Colour Blast products to show you that you can start your collection off with just one product and still create many things from it. But I do warn you all..... these Colour Blast products are highly addictive!!!