Thursday 30 March 2017

"Cold day" by Amanda H

Welcome to today's blog post as we get to end of March!
I used to be someone who always did double layouts, with lots of patterned papers.... now I rarely do as my style has changed a lot! But for today's page I challenged myself to do a double, but with mixed media background. I enjoyed the challenge and love how the page turned out in the end!
Here is the page, and then I will show you the steps I took to achieve the page.
 Firstly, I used White Heavy Gesso on the 2 sheets of white cardstock. Applying it with a roller gives a smooth finish.
Next I chose two shades of blues in the Colour Shimmer Dusts: I went with Cobalt and Navy. I had my water spray bottle handy ready to activate the colour.
I sprayed water on the background and then dipped my paint brush in the Colour Shimmer Dust and added colour to the background. As I was doing a double, I lay both pages side by side, so that the colour was consistent  from one page to the next.

Once dry, I added Colour Paste in Singin' the Blues and Snow White. I added the colours through the stencil at the same time, so the colours mixed together slightly.

I added some splatters of Colour Shimmer Spray in Just Blue, with the wand.
While I had the Just Blue out, I also sprayed one of Charms Creations DIY arrows. These hand-sewn embellishments are great and so easy to colour with Colour Blast.
Nearer to the end of finishing my page, I realised I needed some splatters of black, so I used Colour Spray in Roadbase and tapped colour from the spray wand.
And here is the final page and some close up of the embellishment clusters that I created.
You can see the Charms Creations arrow coloured with Colour Shimmer Spray in this close up. 

Thanks for looking!

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