Wednesday 22 March 2017

It Started as an Idea by Danielle Vertigan

I have a piece that started as an idea????
My daughter recently had her birthday party and we had a class for the mini crafters.
The girls worked with a canvas however I was inspired to tackle something similar
with chipboard.
You know those light bulb moments that have an ending but
the middle how to is a little shaky....
But these products come together beautifully.
There is a lot of Colour Blast Products layered in this one!!
So, to get started I need a piece of chipboard 8x10 inches
Paint Brush and

I covered the chipboard with a layer of the Gesso
The texture is thick, luscious and offers optimum coverage!

Once dry the next step was to add the Black Gesso
I only wanted this to be a frame.
I used a ruler as a guide and painted the border on visually.

The Black Gesso covers perfectly and holds strong colour without any transparency.
Using the Leather  Colour Paste and my chosen stencil I applied the Paste onto my border.

My stencil wasn't 12x12 so I first applied to the 2 opposite corners and allowed to dry.
Before re laying the stencil and completing the remaining sections.
You can see my edges are rough.
That's ok and will not be noticed once the project is complete.

Using the Bling Colour Shimmer Spray
I spritzed my piece only going on the black frame.
I was careful here not to tilt or move the chipboard to avoid any drips.

The colour in the frame here is fabulous you can really see the effect of the layers.
Colour Shimmer Dusts will be my next addition to cover the White Gesso.
Today I'm working with Velvet and Passion.

I do find the little medicine cups work well with this one so if you don't have a palette or pots
there is always something in the kitchen....
Place 10ml of water into your pot then add a scoop of the Velvet Colour Shimmer Dust.
I use the corner of a palette knife to do this as a little goes a real long way.

Turn the layout to landscape and liberally add the Colour Shimmer Dust mix along the top of the page.

Tilt the page to spread the colour keep adding and moving the page.
Allow sections to dry to gage the colour and keeping adding more to increase the intensity.

Some over lapping on the black is completely ok.
Keep as flat as possible to minimise pooling of the water colour.

To add more intensity to my project I added Grape Colour Spray 
I added it in layers allowing time to dry.
This also encourages the splotching to stain as it dries.
I kept repeating this process to the desired colour.

Some Colour Shimmer Spray was added next to increase the overall sheen.
I used Royalty and Snow White to add variation to the project.

The new colours are divine and Colour Paste in Blush was an addition I had to make.
I added the heart stencil running the full length of the page.
You can see in this image how the colour has picked up some pigment from the shimmer.

I layered my photo on black cardstock and some foil cardstock.
I decided to keep it simple....
I had this chipboard butterfly and coated it with Gesso
Stamped is and then got into some delicious little pots of happiness!!!!
Shimmer pots are a new product and they are very addictive
A paint brush and pot of water is all you will need.
The colour is like all Colour Blast products, full of shimmer
They wont disappoint!
I look forward to sharing them with you on my next post.

I added some stamps and a black gel pen border.
As seen in the pictures.

With all the Colour Blast coming together in this piece I decided restraint was key.
I wanted the background to speak for itself.
Its a piece for my daughter to frame and display.
I hope you enjoyed the journey.
for all your Colour Blast needs.
Till next time
Happy Scrapping......

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