Saturday 26 February 2022

Altered stationary box by Sunila Mahajan

 Hello friends,

Sunila, here and I'm back with some quick inspiration for you all. I have an eye for altering and upcycling objects. At home, everyone checks with me before discarding anything, just in case I can upcycle it. 

Today, I've upcycled an incense stick box, to create a stationary holder. It makes for a perfect gift, as well as utility item to hold pens, pencils, brushes, etc. in place. 

Here's a look at it:

I've used the Fearless. Brave and Free Collection. 

I trimmed pieces of paper to glue on the inside as well as outside front and sides of my box.

After gluing these, I used a stencil and colour paste to add texture on the top, and added some elements from the same paper pack to create a focal point.

I cut out a phrase and added that to add more  meaning to my box. I particularly loves the sides with all these optimistic words, that I'm bound to read every time I pick it up. 

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