Monday 17 May 2021

Believe in Yourself and Shimmer Dust! by Linda Pearson


For this project I wanted to highlight the amazing qualities of the Bee Arty Shimmer Dusts.  The intensity and versatility of these Shimmer Dusts really deserve the time to experiment with them.  Click on the link in the materials list to see the complete range.

Bee Arty products used in this project:

Gesso – Bee Arty heavy primer 250ml White
White Cardstock 350gsm 10 pack - 12"x12"
Boxed in stencil A5 – Tania Froud
Shimmer dust – sunflower, amber, cobalt, lollipop, passion
Colour artist inks  - Slipper, Berry, Midnight
Embossing powder   – Dusty Charcoal/Black
Darice 6 well paint palette
Craft Powder Spoon
Zen red rubber stamp set – Tania Froud
Serendipity clear stamp set – Elissa Ablett
x-press it double sided tape 2mm thick
Life of colour pens - Black
Other products used:
Texture/Modelling Paste
Palette knife
Embossing stamping ink and stamp plate



Generously apply 2 layers of Gesso over a journal page or White Cardstock 350gsm.  Drying thoroughly between each coat.



Using the Boxed in stencil A5, apply liberal amount of texture/modelling paste  through the stencil carefully across the middle of page only.  Allow to dry thoroughly.



Applying paste liberally allows the shimmer paste to pool in the crevices of the stencil.  
Spray the stenciled area with some water before applying shimmer mixes.



Prepare the background colours by adding a small amount of Shimmer dust, (Craft Powder Spoon, sunflower, amber, powders into the Darice 6 well paint palette.  Using a pipette add a tiny amount of water to each powder.  Using a round paint brush tap the amber shimmer liquid over the stenciled area. 


Watch the liquids as they settle and move on the page.  Spray with water to blend out the hard edges. 



Repeat this process with the sunflower mix, allow some of the mixes to blend.  Ensure there is lots of white area above and below the stenciling.  Allow to dry.



Place a couple of drops of Colour artist inks  - Slipper, Berry and Midnight into the palette, with a tiny brush tap some spatters over the page. 



Prepare the stamps (Zen red rubber stamp set and Serendipity clear stamp set), using the stamping plate and embossing ink and sprinkle the Embossing powder over the pressed ink.  Activate the powder with heat gun thoroughly.



Prepare the Shimmer dust – cobalt, lollipop, passion in the palette then add water as in previous steps. 


With a small paint brush tap and push the colours onto the stamped images allowing it to pool in the crevices.  Allow to dry thoroughly.



Fussy cut the stamped images then adhere the shapes to the page with x-press it double sided tape 2mm thick



Add border around the page using a black Life of colour pens and include some ascemic writing.  

I hope you have been inspired to produce a similar journal page or photo layout using the amazing Shimmer dust range from Bee Arty.



Cheers from Linda Pearson.

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