Monday 31 December 2018

Grateful Heart by Suzanne Franin

Happy New Year Everyone Suzanne here

I hope you're having a fun but safe New Years Eve

On today's BLOG for Colour Blast I created a canvas with lots of paper clay pieces stuck on 

I started off by painting the canvas with Heavy White Gesso

Then used some Helmar Premium Craft Glue to adhere all the paper clay pieces on (like a jigsaw) 
I then filled in some gaps with Art Stones and finished it off with another coat of Heavy White Gesso

Then I decided to make it colourful and I used the Colour Shimmer Dusts in - Paris, Peacock, Amber, Sunflower, Duke and Candy 
Flicking a little bit of dust before spraying water with each colour (trying not to make mud by getting the colours too mixed up)

Then I felt it needed some more shimmer so I mixed the Dorlands Wax with the Colour Embossing Powder -  Bling and used a  spatula knife to spread it around the canvas and into the little gaps 
I covered the heart all over as that's what stands out the most and I based my quote on

Thank you for visiting and I hope you have a very happy 2019 xx

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