Tuesday 30 October 2018

Love Rocks by Michelle Henderson

Hi it's Michelle back again, this time with a cute little canvas I made (hopefully for a Xmas prezzy as long as they don't see this post lol)

I started off by priming the canvas with White Heavy Gesso.

I added some moulding paste through a Dina Wakely stencil. After that, I added a couple of extra smears to give some more texture. Let it dry thoroughly at this stage.

I sprayed the canvas with water, and sprinkled some Colour Shimmer Dust - just a very little! - near the edges. I sprayed water again from the sides, so that the colour was heavier towards the outside. I used Amber, Peacock and Duke.
 I felt it needed to be a little stronger once it was dry, so I added a little more of each...

 Once that was dry, I grabbed the stamps that came with the stencils. I used an embossing ink pad, and then brushed a little Colour Shimmer Powder in Amber and Duke. I sprayed it lightly with water and then stamped it on the canvas. To make sure it works, I needed to use a second stamp block behind the canvas so there was a surface to press on.

Ahhh! I think it was too heavy, but not to worry 😉

Next time I used the Amber and Peacock, and even less powder...
See how little I used?

It came out much better this time.
Once it was dry again, I went over some of the stamping with black archival ink.

Some close ups...
 I used my Posca pens to add some highlights and scribbled words here and there...

At the end, I added some strips with stamped sentiments, and that was that!

Hope you like it!

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