Sunday 17 June 2018

"Framed Off the Page Canvas" by Melissa Struhs

This time last year I worked on an off the page canvas that I truly fell in love with but really struggled with how dusty it would get once it was hung on a wall, so it remained wrapped and tucked aside for safe keeping for almost 6 months. 

If you would like a refresh of the full tutorial you can check out Amity here...since then I attached some mini print black and white images of the Colour Blast gang to the canvas as well.

Like most people, that break over Christmas time is a chance to catch up on those bigger projects and with my hubby at home, finally I had the other half of the creative team to help out. There had been some tentative plans for how the canvas would be encased in an enclosed shadow box frame and how it could function and be able to switch on the lights easily.

Firstly, a MDF box frame was built to allow for the height of the embellishments plus the Marquee monogram letters.

To access the battery packs for the lights, the canvas was hinged to the frame so it could flip open and then a small magnetic catch the hold it in place when you wanted to close it.

I had a local business make a custom made silver frame with the glass already in place and this too could be hinged to open as well.

Once all of these elements were screwed into place and functioning as we envisioned, the frame at the front was removed as well as the canvas and the wooden shadow box  this was spray painted silver to match other frames throughout our home. 

After several hours of drying time, it was attached to our lounge room wall and all pieced back together.

So here is how it works...

The lock can be opened on the outer edge of the frame and swung open....

The canvas then swings open too...

to reveal the battery packs and allowing the canvas to still be a light source as well.

Once the lights are on, you can then close it all back over...keeping it dust free as well. We often switch it on for a little ambient light in our lounge room when we curl up for movie nights or when guests are over.

Thanks again for stopping by the blog to see what the Design Team have been up to, hope it inspires some creativity this weekend,

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