Thursday 17 May 2018

Bloom With Grace by Suzy Loudon

Hi everyone. Today I am sharing a layout I created using a photo of af old mossy fence I found during a tour around the Bay Of Islands, NZ last year. I found it behind a little church cemetery & was just devine.

Whilst I was thinking about creating this page I thought I could use some wondersoft. Not having any or any stores that I could get to I started thinking. Just the day before I had taken out some feathers I had done in a mould & remembered when I was cleaning it up, the fine bits I was pulling off would work perfectly...and so I made my own.
I mixed in some Grass Artist Ink into some No More Gaps. After mixing well I added a little more for a darker colour.

I couldn't get it quite dark enough so added some Soot Artist Ink. After mixing well I spread the mix out fairly thinly on the back of one of my silicone moulds.

I mixed up some more with with Soot to make a grey colour. After spreading it an the silicone mat I left it to dry for a day.

Once dry I peeled them off & tore it into tiny little bits.I thought it looked like moss quite well.

I used Envy Colour Paste through a stencil on a little tag. I then used some Heavy White Gesso on the edges. I used my finger to spread it on.

Using Dusty Charcoal Embossing Powder I gave my chipboard two coats.

I didn't want the mica that was left on the paper after tipping the Embossing Powder back into the container to go to waste. So I used my finger to rub it into a metal charm that was white.

I sprayed some white flowers with Steel Shimmer Spray.

Then lastly a few with Snow White Shimmer Spray

To finish off my embellishments I used Steel Shimmer Spray on some chipboard.

After assembling all my elements & sticking down I went over my fern leaves with the Clear Shimmer Brush Marker, giving them a lovely shimmer.

And with that I was done.
Here's a few close ups.

My homemade moss.

Thanks for looking,
xxx Suzy

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