Thursday 10 May 2018

"Life would succ without you" by Melissa Struhs

Hello Again Colour Blast fans! Don't you love it when you find some things in your Scrap Stash and you are instantly inspired? This was totally me over the last month....I have all of these little piles across my desktop calling to me. For this sweet little project I am finally using an extra large metal bookplate and a set of gorgeous succulent stamps.

All of the tiny stamped images were pressed onto watercolour card with a Black Staz on ink, there is no photo of this because I actually stamped these images months ago and then set them aside. I sat and fussy cut around all of the plants, potted succulents and plant people and the decided on a colour scheme. I like to plan out how it will look before I take the Colour to them, this is my original idea.

Every time I sit to work with the new Colour Artist Inks, I create a new little swatch of my colour choices. I tuck it away in an plastic envelope and use it as reference when I am trying to group combinations together. This time the 3 colours that I chose were Oasis, Grass and Mermaid, all within the blue-green family.

I have been gathering fine water brush pens at an steady rate lately, and instead of adding the Artist Inks into the well, I just fill them with water and dip directly into the pots of colour.

When I painted the first few leaves, I move randomly from one leaf to another, spreading the darker tones from one side to the next, as the colour begins to dilute you end up with much lighter variations as well.

This was also easily achieved as I moved between the succulents in the garden pot...

When I am ready to change colours, I dip the water brush in a clean container of water and then squeeze the water brush and wipe it on to a piece of paper towel until all of the inks is gone. Surprisingly, the Artist inks do not stain the bristles at all.

Even the tiny people could have a touch of colour but

the larger area of the pot could have more layers added, water it down more, spread it around, dry it off, add more...the results are different every single time.

A last minute splash of greenery to the hair of the characters and then I could layer all of the stamped images together and frame them up for my card. Really simple, but very cute!

I fell in love with the sentiment because sometimes this best sums up how I feel about some of my favourite people. This is a pic of myself and Amanda with one of our old scrap gang besties, Emily at a Colour Blast event last year. I had this photo handy and it potentially could turn into a bigger project yet!

That's all from me, till next time

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