Sunday 29 April 2018

Cute by Tracey Campbell

Today I have created a fun page with the Colour Blast products that will be great for any special event page. I picked a photo of my daughters 10th Birthday celebration on trend with stars and unicorns to boot.
First up I did the tried and tested fabulous plastic package technique. What you haven't heard of it or used it yet?? Why not - it is so simple and creates a great background for you to build you layout on. All you need to do is paint or spray some Colour Blast product onto a scrap of plastic packaging. In this layout I used some of the Colour Shimmer Cube but you can spray some Colour Shimmer Spray or Artist Inks onto the plastic, then simply flip it over and rub it down on the cardstock.  
Keep doing this all over the cardstock with various colours, until you build up splotches of colour to create a fun background.
I used Royalty, Deep Water and Envy as my background colours.

Once the background was dry I used a thick paintbrush and dipped it in the Colour Shimmer Spray to flick across the page, I matched the colours Rose Petal to the Royalty, Envy to Envy, Singin the Blue to Deep Water, to create a messier look.
Over the top of the background colours I used the Colour Shimmer Cubes again and painted them through a 12x12 star stencil. With the Colour Blast products being so flexible you can use other products to paint through the stencil; such as the Colour Shimmer Spray or the Artist Inks. I used a rainbow of the Colour Shimmer Cubes; Singing the Blues, Sunshine, Royalty, Envy, Tangareen Dream and Punch.
I then added the final touches to my layout with photo, title, diecuts and journaling.
Here I am finishing off with some Soot Artist Ink loaded into a calligraphy pen to journal with. You can also see the black lined boarder around the outside of the cardstock - I did that with the straw from inside the Roadbase Colour Spray, I simply used the straw as a pen and dragged it across the cardstock to create a messy boarder and then used the remain spray in the straw to flick across the layout to create black splats.
Thanks for stopping in and I hope that you like my page and that I have inspired you to dig out your Colour Blast products and get creating.


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