Sunday 3 September 2017

Childs Play Dream Catcher by Tracey Campbell

Greetings and Salutation everyone. For my post today I wanted to share with you that Colour Blast products are a product that are fantastic and so simple to use ....  easy enough for all the family to use..... if you want to share.  

 Paige my youngest daughter and I worked on this project together using Colour Blast Paste.
We purchased this plastic stain glass feathers kit from K-mart and the paint that was include was completely dry....
 so to avoid the tears I suggested to Paige that she use my very special pastes.
 Together we painted the plastic feathers using Colour Paste in four different colours;
Once they were dry it was just a matter of simply threading them up with some string.  
 This dream catcher part didn't come with the kit I had to raid my chipboard stash for this circle which I sprayed with Grape Colour Spray, drew triangles on it and punched a few small holes to thread the string through.  
 Once it was all tied together the string lacked colour, so I grabbed some Colour Shimmer Spray in Tangareen Dream and Envy and sprayed it to give it a bit of colour.
 I really love how the Colour Paste allows the sunshine through and becomes almost translucent.
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