Sunday 10 September 2017

"3 ways with Colour Embossing Powders" by Melissa Struhs

 Hello again Colour Blasters! Instead of full layout today, I thought it be something different to look at 3 ideas for using your Colour Embossing Powders. The pic below shows all the finished examples...what it will turn into later on? I have no idea yet but I often find that these kind of embellishments usually come in handy when I am stuck for ideas or looking a little something to finish off a page.

With a ridiculous amount of chipboard circles in my stash, I am never short of something to emboss. In this case, I decided to create a faux wax seal with a monogram letter using a rubber stamp.

I began with a brown inkpad and gave the circle all an all over heavy coat and sprinkled it with Leather Colour Embossing Powder. After it was heat set, several more layers were added until the coating was super thick and even. This is about 4 layers and I allowed it cool while I searched for the perfect stamp.

When I was ready, 15 seconds of heat over the shape again was enough preparation it needed to make the medium wet enough to press the stamp into gently. I left the stamp imbedded in the embossing powder for about 10 seconds before removing.

You can create such a clear image with a bit of practice and if it doesn't go well....just reheat, wait till the embossing powder self levels and try again. You can also see there is no damage to the rubber stamp, as it comes out beautifully clean too!

The second style today is a great reminder that if you have a wet enough inkpad, you really can add plenty of embossing powder and still create a textured look with just one coat. This time I used an orange distress ink

and was very generous with the amount of the Sienna Colour Embossing Powder. I often just lift the chipboard piece gently and only tip off the excess, rather than shake or tap it off. This allows even more stay put before you heat set it.

This was just one coat and look at the fabulous dimpled effect. Quite the contrast between the previous piece.

Usually with the embossing powders we always use them with inks, but really any wet medium will do but our most popular product the Colour Paste is perfect.. I began with a brick template and Leather Colour Paste applied with a palette knife over a piece of flat white cardstock.

Because the paste stays wet for quite a while, I was able to take my time, in not only choosing colours but also using a small tool to sprinkle the Embossing Powder in a variety of spots. 

This also helps with keeping the mica content of the Sienna and Leather contained and not spreading it all over the white cardstock.

This time, when using my heat gun, I applied intense, close and direct heat to basically cooked the paste and embossing powder till it bubbled and blistered. I love how textured it looks, no area has the same finish.

Why not dig out your embossing powders this weekend and see what texture and colour combinations you can create?
Happy Scrapping.

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