Sunday 13 August 2017

"Always Find the time..." by Melissa Struhs

Hello Again Colour Blast Fans. I am so happy to be returning for my 4th term with the Design Team and am looking forward to the next 12 months of challenges. As the product ranges have expanded so much over the last 2 years, it is even easier to find the perfect medium for each and every project. And with the August challenge asking us to use a minimum of 1 of either a Paste, Mica Powder or Colour really took no time to decide which to use! Here is my layout using 2 of the challenge items.

For the last year or so, there has been this ongoing burst of using long forgotten products hidden in the depths of my stash and amongst it I found some leftover canvas resist borders with the most divine patterns. So I began looking for some colours that I thought we make a nice combination to suit the green colourings of my patterned paper.

Combinations of greens and golds were an obvious choice but I knew that I would need to mix them to get the correct shades.

Rainforest Colour Spray and Olive Grove Colour Mica Powder were mixed with a little water. I used more of the mica as it has more of a subtle colouring than the Colour Spray.

You can see in the above image that the Mica Powder tends to float to the top of the liquid and never quiet mixes in...this actually is an advantage as the gold colouring is actually wanted I wanted to see more of. I also tested a little on the canvas, one was more Colour Spray based and the other more Mica Powder. I knew I could always cover this areas with an embellishment later on.

Next, I took a fresh baby wipe and dipped it into the liquid and soaked up the colour to apply it the canvas border. This way I could control the depth of colour by pressing the baby wipe in heavier or lighter patches, this created an ombre variation over the entire 12 inch length.

There was remaining Mica Powder in the palette, I pressed my baby wipe into it and polished more gold highlights on to the border.

For more even gold highlights, Bling Colour Shimmer Spray was misted in small patches. I dried it off gently with my heat gun and then wiped the border again to remove any excess residue sitting on the resist pattern.

I love how the colours are now a great matching shade for the patterned paper and embellishments I had pulled together.

The Olive Grove Colour Mica Powder has been relatively unused since it was added to my collection awhile back. This colour looks amazing mixed with a gel medium....

and again, I activated my Bling Colour Shimmer Cube with water and added some of that and blended the two to create a more intense gold tone.

It was still the perfectly thick enough to add through a script stencil over cardstock and patterned paper.

And while the cube was still wet, a few flicks of colour were added over the stencilling as well as some bold green paper leaves that would become part of the embellishment cluster.

And finally, painted onto the laser cut chipboard title. The medium began to absorb all of the moisture at this stage so I simply added another spritz of water to make it easier to work with quickly.

And here are the colours in some close up pics of the challenge products in use and all layered together in embellishment groupings.

I love that I have used these gorgeous colours on a layout with a photo of myself with some of my favourite people, they have been a huge part of my scrapping life and love a little Colour Blast too!

Till next time,

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