Saturday 4 February 2017

Technique: Marbling with Shimmer Dusts by Ree Peace

Hi all, this share is more about demonstrating the technique of marbling with Colour Shimmer Dust and shaving cream than about the end product (as that never actually eventuated as planned).
This project includes Peacock, Duke, Navy, Lollipop and Velvet Colour Shimmer Dusts.

You will see that I have Colour Shimmer Sprays prepped to use for this technique however for me they couldn't create the depth I was after in my colours without using too much product.

So the first thing to do is dilute your Colour Shimmer Dusts to the shade you are wanting to achieve, I used just a small pinch in a few sprays of water. This combo below is Navy and Peacock.

Now prep some shaving cream on a tray, not too much, and go crazy splattering your colour combination across the cream before streaking it with something similar to a paintbrush tip.

Now it's is just a matter of transferring the colour to dragging the paper through the cream.

Scrape the excess cream away, and you now have marbled paper in the colours you want. 

I had some letters cut from plain white card that I dragged through the pretty shaving cream but I think it would funky to try this on black as well as those shimmers are stunning and it would be cool to get them on other shades or colours.

Here is  another colour combo...
Velvet and Lollipop

The last 'like' in the phrase has the combo of Duke and Navy.

You will have a blast with this! I would advise that you have an old rag on stand by to wipe of excess shaving cream as it dissolves into  the cloth quickly and can be used immediately with the next shape or letter or card piece.

Thanks for stopping by!

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