Wednesday 22 February 2017

Welcome Baby by Danielle Vertigan

Over the holidays we welcomed a New addition to our family.

So my project went out the window when I printed off some photos!
I'm a gushing Aunty after my sister brought this little bundle into our lives and boy 
does a baby inspire!

I chose black and white to capture the image.
I also seem to be really into the collaboration of 
blue, black and white.

My colour selection to get started is
Colour Shimmer Spray Singin the Blues
Colour Spray Caribbean

You will need Chipboard, Black Cardstock (Centre removed 
to mat the photo) White Cardstock
and a paint brush.

After layering the 3 sheets I positioned my photo and lightly marked the corners.

Now its time to crack open the New Heavy Black Gesso!!
This is without a doubt, Hands down the BEST black i have worked with!!
Thick! Luscious!
The coverage is amazing and quick drying! A very nice surprise!!

Using my dots as guides I painted my desired pattern on the cardstock.

Using the Colour Shimmer Spray first I spritzed the page well with Singin the Blues.
Caribbean Colour Spray is spritzed over the top adding more depth to the colour.
We are looking for the pooling as you will now need to lift your layout so
you can spread the colour to your desired pattern.
In stages add more colour as you work around the page.
(If you do the full page at once it can be difficult to maneuver as it will limit you)

You can add as much or as little as you like.
Set this aside to try.
If you have the time allow it to dry naturally for best results for smooth cardstock.
However by all means a heat gun is absolutely fine.

Drawing from the cute onesie I'm sticking with the stars.
To cover my area of Gesso you can see my stencil doesnt work.
Complete it in 2 stages.

My Colour Paste selection is

Starting with singing the Blues apply I applied it to my layout in random sections
I want to create a slight marbled effect so I followed
with Snowhite in and around the remaining area.
lapping the Blue and mixing the colours.

The window below makes the perfect frame for the little man.

I decided to dress this with a white chalk ink and 
Colour Embossing Powder in Steel
It matches perfectly!

I think you'll agree its the perfect dressing marrying the 
Black and White Photo with the Background.

A few flowers.
A touch of sequins and Vine are all
the embellishments needed 

I'm so happy with the finished result!!!
I hope your staying cool and have some time to craft..
Till next time
Happy Scrapping.....

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