Wednesday 15 June 2022

Simply perfect by Sandi Spink

 Hi everyone, hope you have been able to find time this month to fill your life with art. My creative mojo has been flowing well and I'd love to share with you my latest page created with the new kit from Fiona Paltridges 'Bee...My Sunshine'.

To create this multi layered page I used the following kit supplies from 'Bee...The Sunshine' and Bee Arty products.

  • Papers- 'Pretty Field' full page (Side B). 'Collection front cover' (Side B), 'Bee Garden' and 'Sunny Days' (Side B) for flowers fussy cutting. 'Honey' for Title
  • Stencils- Honeycomb Spray, Flower Garden, Abstract Daisy
  • Embellishments- 'Simply Perfect' chipboard (kit)
  • Mixed Media Products- White Gesso, Gel Medium, 'Snow White' Colour Paste
  • Shimmer dusts- 'Fern', 'Candy'.
  • Mica Powder 'Tangerine dream'
  • Artist inks- 'Citrus' 

1st Layer-

I made a mix of 'Fern' shimmer dust with water. Placing 2 heaps of gel medium onto my working mat I added a very small amount of the mix to one heap and a little more into the other heap to make 2 different shades of paste. Picking some of each onto a spatula I spread it over the 'Honeycomb Spray' to produce a waterproof and graduated colour texture for the base of the flower garden I was creating.

I repeated this with the 'Candy' and 'Tangerine Dream' powders. To add a sparkle and effect of dew drops/light rain to the page I added 'Snow White' Abstract Daisy stencils over different areas.

I added some more yellow to the background using a watered down solution of  'Citrus'

2nd Layer- 

Ensuring the first layers were very dry I used White Gesso over the 'Flower Garden' Stencil to add 3 large daisies to the page. 

3rd and additional Layers-

After a lot of fussy cutting, I added a variety of the flowers, stems, a bee hive, crown and added colour to a honey bottle cut out. 

To finish off I added my photo, painted the 'Simply Perfect' chipboard with left over paint I made, added splats of 'Tangerine Dream' paint and the title 'If you love nature you will find the beauty all around you'.

If you haven't got this kit pop over to Bee Arty shop to grab your kit, it's a beautiful kit and inspires the creative mojo so easily. 

Happy Creating.

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