Sunday 23 July 2017

The Colour Shimmer Cubes - All You Need To Know by Tenisha Furlong

Hi Colour Blast Fans

Have you had the opportunity to see our Colour Shimmer Cubes in action? OMG, they are simply devine - we launched them at the Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo in Brisbane in June and they SOLD like crazy............

What are they? 
The Colour Shimmer Cube is a solid shimmery watercolour cube.  When you purchase this product - you will find it come in a small individual container that has a lid.  

When you get your product home, it is recommended that you remove the lid from the container and leave the individual containers hitting on a shelve or flat area OUT OF THE SUN, HEAT OR DIRECT LIGHT.  I never put my lids back on mine, unless I am travelling with them to a retreat or class. YES, DO NOT PUT THE LID BACK ON THEM AND LEAVE THEM IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA.

How do you use them?
You can use them by spraying them with water and allowing the water to dissolve them before using a paint brush to paint with them.  You can also dip a water paint brush into them and paint with them or simply use a water brush in them.

What can you use them on?
You can use them on paper, cardstock, lace, ribbon, flowers, chipboard, wooden veneer and many other surfaces.  They are great for colouring.

What do they look like on a project? 
Here is an example of a project that was completed by the talented Kasia Leach.

How many colour are there?
There are 21 colours available in the Colour Shimmer Cubes.  They are in the same colour range as our Colour Pastes, Colour Shimmer Sprays and Colour Embossing Powders, so you now have a 4th medium in matching colours ranges.

How much are they?
The RRP is $8.95

Where can I buy them?
Colour Blast have a range of stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand.  If you are unable to locate a stockist in your local area, but have a supplier you purchase from, it maybe an idea to suggest our products to them, all papercraft retailers are able to purchase our products wholesale through our website (they will need to apply a wholesale account).  If you don't have a local retailers near you, you can contact us directly and we can assist you to locate one.

Our website - Colour Blast Website

Colour Shimmer Cubes - Colour Shimmer Cube Product Range

If you already have Colour Shimmer Cubes or any of our products - we would love to see what you have created with them - please share your creations in our facebook group - Colour Blast Creative Corner - Join Colour Blast Creative Corner


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