Tuesday 25 July 2017


Hi Colour Blast Lovelies.

This is my last share as a part of the Colour Blast team. It has been an awesome 2 years however, real life is happening and I have decided to return to study to start a new career path.

This project is a little close to my heart.  As you probably know, I had adult braces that were removed last November.  The orthodontist offered to sterilise them so I could take them home.  Why not I thought.  Then I could show my kids but on the way home I had a better idea....

Here it is here:

 This project started off as a Rat trap that I altered just a little. Here are a few of the things I used.

 I have a process video so I won't go into too much detail here but here's a quick breakdown of what I did.  I pulled apart the trap.  My plan was to replace the "trap" part with my braces.  Once the trap was ready, I prepared it with a base that would provide good tooth for the colours and layers to stick too.  Using a large brush I added a layer of Colour Blast White Gesso.

Then I added some crackle paste and mulberry paper for texture.  Once the paste had dried and crackled I added some paint for a vibrant pink.  Then I knocked back the colour with some Acrylic Paint and then at the end I added some Colour Spray in Roadbase.

Once I was happy with all my layers and colour, I added some stamping and ink splatters. Then I added my final "embellishments" gluing everything into place with hot glue.

I really love how this project turned out and that I have a momento of my braces experience I can hang on the wall.

Here are a few close ups:

I hope that I have inspired you not only today but in my whole time as a Design Team Member with Colour Blast Australia. Thank you for seeing something in me and taking me on as part of the team Tenisha.

Here is the link to the process video if you are interested. Click Here.

Krisy xx

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