Saturday 15 October 2016

Embossing Powder fun with Melinda Sweetman

Hey there Colour Blast fans, Melinda here with you today sharing something a little different to normal! Today I am going to share with you lots of different ways to use the ever so sparkly, beautiful Colour Embossing Powders available in the Colour Blast range!

There is also a process video that shows you how I created each of the different techniques which you can watch here or read on for close ups and details on each! Oh, there is also a little extra at the beginning of the video showing my little sample book with all the different colours and mediums that I currently have and this helps me to choose colours for projects!

So, onto the techniques!

First up, you will need the Colour Embossing Powders (obviously!!) which you can pick up here in the store, some embossing ink - there are lots available but I use Versamark and a Ranger ink in a dabber bottle. Oh, and a heat tool! I would also HIGHLY recommend a big dry brush to dedicate to "clean up" for use with embossing powders. You will find that you are left with (an oh, so sparkly) a very fine layer of sparkle from the embossing powders - it's like there is finely, finely blended up glitter in each little tub - and personally I've found the easiest way to clean up each surface and after each heat application (when embossing is COMPLETELY dry/cooled) on papers etc is with a brush ;)

Now, onto the FUN stuff!

First up I decided to use the gorgeous Tangereen Dream on some Dusty Attic chippy pieces :)

You can see that I have gessoed one piece and left the other raw.

You do get a different look if you gesso first so I wanted to make sure that you saw the difference!

After the gesso was dry (probably with a heat tool knowing me!!) I applied versamark ink by smooshing the chippy into the pad and then applied a layer of powder, shook the excess off and heat set. For both pieces of chippy I applied 2 coats. I did do the ink twice but if you are fast enough you can skip the ink for the 2nd coat and just dunk the piece straight back into the powder and heat set!

And the finished product

The next technique I did was using some wood veneer. I've done 2 different things with the pieces I chose.

I only wanted part of the frames embossed so I used some washi tape to tape off the bits I didn't want covered, then applied ink using my mini ink pad, some Rose Petal Colour Embossing Powder and then heat set.

And then for this word I wanted the whole thing done so I just inked up the veneer, applied the Leather Colour Embossing Powder and heat set. This piece actually has 2 coats as well :)

And the finished pieces

Next I pulled out a stamp and probably my most fave colour,  Bling. Oh, it's so pretty and sparkly! It's really hard to see in the photo's but honestly, if you need a gold sparkly embossing powder in your life THIS is the one to get ;) If you get the chance to watch the video as well I was mesmerised watching the powder set so I left that part in the video ;)

I inked the stamp up and stamped it straight onto some textured white cardstock. I will say here that IF you do use the textured side you will not get a perfect stamped image but I am totally ok with that and LOVE how this turned out!

I loved this so much that I decided to do it again but this time with a little twist! So I stamped and embossed the image on another corner of my cardstock and then pulled out my Deep Water Colour Shimmer Spray for a little water colouring fun!

Really simple technique! After the powder was set, dry and COOL I simply sprayed some of the shimmer spray onto a piece of packaging, took my big watercolour brush that was wet and applied a really quick, messy coat of colour. I dried that off with my heat tool and applied a second, darker coat - this time I just dunked the brush straight into the bottle. And then a blast with the heat tool and finally some splatters with a smaller brush. This is just BEAUTIFUL! I love it so much and even make a card with it!

And here is the card!

That little orange veneer frame received a quick couple of coats of the Tangereen Dream Colour Embossing Powder for a little extra pop of colour!

My next technique is using a stencil! I grabbed a small stencil (a recent fave!) from my stash and applied some ink using my ink dabber through the stencil. I removed the stencil (more carefully the second time!) and then applied my embossing powder. First time was Lovely Lilac and after I applied the powder I realised there was a fair bit of ink behind the stencil so I cleaned my stencil and tried again this time using the Steel Colour Embossing Powder.

The very imperfect Lovely Lilac

And in saying that I really like the messiness of this!! And the Steel is a little "cleaner" but again not perfect but so, so pretty!

And lastly, I tried something I had not done before and am super happy with how it looks! I have seen lots of other people do different colours on the same piece and wanted to give it a go myself so I grabbed my 2 faves - Bling (of course!) and Rose Petal and a couple of veneer pieces.

Using my dabber I randomly applied some ink. I then started with the Rose Petal and heat set that and then back in with the ink again and then applied the Bling Colour Embossing Powder. Love how these turned out and I think they will make it into our wedding album - our colours were pink, silver, black and white!

So, that's it for me and my Colour Embossing Powders today! I hope I have given you some fun ideas of how to use your own Colour Embossing Powders and we would love to see your creations over in the facebook group Colour Blast Creative Corner!

Otherwise, have a fun, messy, inky kinda day!