Saturday 28 May 2016

'You're Weird I Like It' By Anita Rodway

Hi There Colour Blasters!!

I'm back to share a little layout I created the other week at a retreat.
This one is SUPER easy to create - let me tell you how....

'You're Weird I Like It'

Using some 'Marshmellow' Bazzill Cardstock, I put down a layer of gesso & with one of my
old (kinda hard) brushes, I dragged it through to add some texture to the gesso.

I then used some clear 'Glass Bead Gel' through a Flutterby stencil.
This media dries really cool.

 Then it was time for some Colour Blast Paste!!
I've used 'Envy' in this. I put a blob of it on my craft mat & watered it down.
Using a paintbrush, I applied in areas to my background. Using a water spray bottle,
I can spray different parts & moving my cardstock around - I can achieve nice movement
throughout my background.

I gave that a quick dry & used the left overs on my mat with a smallish paint brush,
do add 'flicks' to my layout.

I finished my layout off with some simple embellishments.
Firstly a large open cutfile, an foiled ampersand, my photos, some word stickers,
thread & a flair button :)

My little girl is the cheekiest kid ever!!
These faces she's pulled are priceless LOL

You can find all the Colour Blast products here

See you soon

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