Sunday 17 July 2022

Wonderful Days in the Woods by Tracey Campbell

Good morning lovely people, it is Tracey Campbell here today with my Creative Team share. I decided to give the Monthly Challenge a go as the colour palette is so pretty and the sketch is something a bit different than how I normal put my layouts together. 

If you would like to join in on the Bee Arty Monthly Collection you can find it in our Facebook Group here: Bee Arty Hive

To start my layout I kept the colours from the colour palette in the Challenge in mind when I sorted through my patterned papers, I didn't stick to just one Bee Art Collection, I went through all of the ones I have looking for the one that I thought would work, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I found. I added some stamps and metal dies to the ever increasing pile. 

Once happy with the papers and colours I was going to use I grabbed a pieces of white cardstock to use as my base, I drew light scribbled lines across the page using a lead pencil. I then used the straw from a bottle of Sunset Colour Spray and flicked small splatters of spray in the top right hand and two bottom corners of the white cardstock. I left to dry.

I wanted to add some bigger splatters to the white cardstock so I used a soft paint brush and dipped it into Grass Colour Artist Ink and let the droplets fall, roughly in the same areas as where I splattered the Sunset Colour Spray. Tip: The higher you lift your brush away from the paper where you want the splatters the bigger the splats will be. Let dry.

While the Colour Artist Ink was drying I used a water proof ink and the stamp sets Floral Arrangement and Celebrate Nature to put images onto some white cardstock, with the thought of using these as the floral images around the circle in the sketch.

I also stamped the jars from the Floral Arrangement Stamp Set onto some of the light blush colour on the B side of the Falling patterned paper in the Embrace Change Collection

When the ink is completely dry fussy cut the stamped images along with a word block for a title from the Natures Words cut apart sheet in the Whispering Woods Collection and some flowers from the Imagery patterned paper in the same collection.

Cut out a circle with a diameter of roughly 20 cm from the B side of Falling patterned paper in the Embrace Change Collection and use a distressing tool to distress the edges.

Cut out four strips from the B side of Fernery from the Whispering Woods Collection to created a wooden frame around a 8x9 cm portrait photo.

Cut the remaining patterned paper elements that are represented in the sketch from papers that match the colour palette. I have cut a tag from the Woodland Tags patterned paper in the Whispering Woods Collection and hand cut a bigger tag from the Olive Green square on the Spice Patterned Paper in the Embrace Change Collection, a rectangle 5x15 cm in a dusty dark pink colour from the Vampyre Rose Collection and a 10x14 cm rectangle with rounded corners from a light pink paper in the Entangled Patterned Paper in the Find Paradise Collection. Distress all the edges using a distressing tool.

Using a double sided sticky tape adhere all the elements to the page, arranging to represent the sketch. I used 3 Dimensional tape to adhere the framed photo and the tags on the right hand side to add some dimension to the layout. I ended up turning the photo and the tags on a slight lean as I thought it made them look a bit softer, given the whimsey subject in the photo, I thought a softer look was more suited.

Using some Colour Shimmer Cubes paint the stamped images, use a range of three different pinks on the flowers and an olive green for the leaves. 

If you don't have the Colour Shimmer Cubes then you can use normal water paints or like I have done for the olive green leaves mix some Colour Mica Powder in Olive Grove with some water to create  a shimmer paint. Once the water paints are dry arrange the fussy cut elements around the circle to replicate the inspiration from the sketch in the Monthly Challenge.

Here is my final layout, I really like how it turned out and think that I will use this sketch again for another layout a bit later on.

Thanks for popping in I hope that I have inspired you to give the Monthly Challenge a go and to try and mix am match your collections so that you can get a different look from the Bee Arty Collections, it really is amazing how they all work together.


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