Friday 10 May 2019

What a Babe by Michelle Henderson

Hi All - I'm back again, this time with a clean and pretty page - but still using some of my favourite Colour Blast products 😀

Here's a wee peek...

I started off with some white cardstock and my Colour Shimmer Dust in Sunflower, Candy, Passion and Cobalt. I wanted a pastel effect so I only put a little colour out, even then I ended up putting a lot of the Cobalt one back.

The photo on the left shows how much of the Candy I put out, and the one on the right how much I still had left when I finished. So concentrated!!

Using a soft flat brush I painted four large stripes.

For each of the stripes, I wanted a matching Colour Paste to stencil with. I chose Sunshine, Singin the Blues and Punch. I didn't have one to match exactly for the lavender, so I tinted some Rose Petal with a little Royalty which was perfect.

Using a stencil, I applied one colour at a time, waiting for the Colour Paste to air dry between each colour. That way I was able to match up the pattern each time.

It was hard to decide the rest of the design after that because I loved how it looked so much 😆

I chose a black and white photo because of all the colour already on the page. I used so many different collections from my stash to build layers and embellish!

I love how this one turned out, I hope you can take some inspiration from it too 😀

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