Friday 18 January 2019

Shine Bright by Michelle Henderson

Today I've gone to the dark side.....dark paper that is😁

I have a bundle of Colour Pastes I used in this one. All the warms, plus purple and gold to weld it all together 😍
In all I used Apple of my Eye, Bling, Fire Engine, Royalty, Sunshine and Tangareen Dream.

I spread some directly on to cardstock with my palette knife and stamped with some script and background stamps while it was still wet. I stamped directly into the paste, then on to the cardstock to stamp the excess off. I only did 2-3 colours at a time and dried them off before moving on to the next colours.


Loved how it looked once it was all dry!

Then I used my Gold Shimmer Brush Marker to colour my chipboard,  but I found it wasn't quite gold enough,  so I also used the Colour Shimmer cube in Bling to strengthen it. It was sunny while I was doing it and I kept getting distracted by how beautifully the paint sparkled in the sun.

I also used the same pen to splatter a little around the edges of my background mainly, but also a little on top of the dry pastes.
When I was adding my photo it was hard to know where to put it so as not to cover it too much!

So this is what it ended up like...

And here's a couple of close ups too.

Thanks for checking it out!

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