Tuesday 28 August 2018

Genuine by Kristy Abela

Hi Friends... 
I have one for the boys here.. I wanted to capture the grunt of the car in this so I have gone with some grungy elements. This is my youngest and his Step Dad. Chris went all out asking a friend to get him one of the toughest cars on the professional show circuit for his farewell.. The grunt of this beast!

 I'll let you check out the close ups and then show you how I created the cogs and the matt for the photo with Colour Pastes and Colour Shimmer Dust.

 With this one I used the White Heavy Gesso and glad wrap technique where I painted a layer onto the wrap, misted and then dabbed the page to create a cloudy type of stamp. I needed this lighter layer so I could have some definition for my stamps. I then used two Kaiser Craft stamps to frame the background of where I wanted my focal point to go. 

Next up I used a reverse stamping technique with the Colour Shimmer Dust. This is so much fun! 
I sprinkled on the water colour paper ALL the blue shades (Duke, Navy, Peacock and Cobalt) and a bit of Midnight as well to give it some contrast I was aiming for oil on water.

Then I got my stamp and sprayed some water on it (NOT the page) and began activating the powders with the water from the stamp. I kept stamping until I was happy with result. You can do this several times over without it running. Once dry I brushed off the excess and the Mica still clung to the paper in areas giving it two ways to shine.

I was a little bit naughty here and used some of my Colour Shimmer pots. I used Leather, Stormy and Envy and created a rusted effect. You can also use the pastes to do this - just water them down slightly and it improves the consistency for dabbing the product on. 

I gave all the chipboard a coat of Colour Blast Black Heavy Gesso. I applied a layer of Leather, then Envy and some stormy on top... Kind of pushing the Envy into the background a bit.

I had some noise in the background of this pic so I brushed on some Heavy Black Gesso to fade it out.. 

I used the mica pigment from the Colour Embossing Powder to highlight the chains. I wanted something to contrast. I used my finger to rub it into the Heavy Black Gesso (once dry of course)..

From there it was simply a matter of creating a collage from all the pieces to create the effect of an engine block hanging from a hoist. 

Thanks for Looking 

Abela Artistry

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