Saturday 4 June 2016


Do you have what we are looking for?
Would you like to represent Colour Blast?
Colour Blast manufacture mixed media products for the papercraft industry.  Our products are sold wholesale to scrapbooking stores.  We currently have stockist throughout Australia and New Zealand and are looking for an individual to assist in promoting our brand.

Being a member of the Colour Blast team you will.........
* Receive a surplus amount of Colour Blast products.
* Regular exposure on the Colour Blast blog, facebook, and Instagram.
* Be a valued member of an exciting and creative team.

The new member will have be responsible for............ 
* Creating a minimum of 2 video tutorials to promote Colour Blast products per month.
* Maintain your personal blog with links to the Colour Blast blog and website.
* Have the ability to meet deadlines.
* Create special projects, if requested.
* Attend trade show and conduct demonstrations, if requested.

How to Apply..................
Part 1 - Email the following information to - titled Colour Blast Design Team Entry 2016
* Full name/adress/phone no, email address, blog links and links to any other social media you use to display your work.
* Links to any video tutorials you have created.
* List of current design team commitments (including any applications that are pending).
* Current teaching commitments, if any.
* Summary as to WHY you believe you are the right applicant for this position.

Part 2 - 
* Create a blog post on your own blog showcasing 3 current projects - title this blog post Colour Blast Design Team Entry 2016.  Include a link to the blog post in your email entry to us.

Applications are open to Australian residents ONLY.

Commencement date for this position is by negotiation, so if you currently have other brand commitments and wish to apply for this position as you believe you are THE ONE - this is fine - if you are the successful applicant a suitable start time can be negotiated

Entries close 30th June 2016.

The successful applicant ONLY will be notified.  A public announcement will be made on our facebook page.

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