Monday 14 December 2015

Product Showcase  - Colour Blast 'Colour Paste'

Our Colour Pastes are colourful and shimmery.  They are like butter in texture and consistency.

Our Colour Pastes come in 18 colourful and shimmery colours - same colour palett as the Colour Shimmer Spray and the Colour Embossing Powders.

They can be applied to many surfaces such as paper, cardstock, wood, metal, chipboard, acrylic and canvas.  

You can water them down to make a paint like consistency and then paint them onto surfaces.

You can also, add more water to the paint like consistency and use them like a water colour.

You can use them through templates/stencils or on their own.

You can allow them to dry naturally or use a heat tool to dry them quickly allowing them to bubble and create extra texture.  

The Colour Pastes are truly a versatile product and MUST HAVE for all.  Our colour paste range can be found here

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