Thursday 7 September 2023

Find me where the wild things are- Sandi Spink

 'Wild at Heart' is an amazing BeeArty kit by Karen Yates. It was so much fun experimenting with different ways to use the stencils and stamps to create an interesting background in my journal.

  • I loved the different textures that the A4 stencil- 'Wild Pattern' made on the white gesso I painted onto my journal page. Placing the stencil over the gessoed page I sprayed 'Coffee' Colour Spray over it and before cleaning my stencil I used the spray on the front surface of the stencil and placed it onto the other side of the journal to print a pattern. 
  • After it dried I sprayed the 'Khaki' Colour Spray over the top over both pages in a light spray and moved it around with a paint brush until I was happy with the coverage.

  • The next step was to spread some of the 'Jungle' Colour Paste over the pages with a spatula and over the A6 Stencil - Lost Symbols.
  • The next layers comprised of stamping the leopard onto a piece of a old white dress makers pattern paper and using a very wet paint brush, drew around the leopard. This is the way I find it easier to tear the paper away from the stamping with a rough edge that blends into the background better than being left with a rigid straight edge when using gel medium to attach the leopard onto the page. 


  • I find my journals get too thick if I use lots of paper/photo layers, so to minimise this I place packing tape over my photos and then using a very wet cloth slowly rub off the backing paper of the photo, this makes a thin 'film like' picture to add to the page. 


  • I finished off the layers with all of the stamps from the kit and sponged a purple acylic paint over the A5 stencil - Orchid, a Title phrase, and white acrylic pen marks.


Here are the stencils and stamps I used for the kit:

Hope I have inspired you to have some fun experimenting with journaling and this wonderful 'Wild at Heart' kit by Karen.

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