Wednesday 23 November 2022

Rustic Blossom Journal page By Sandi Spink

 I love to journal as it provides me the opportunity to just let my creativity flow from my fingertips as I spread the medium I use, such as gesso and paint, onto my page. It relaxes me and help to explore the products I use in a deeper way.

This journal page was one of these pages. I was experimenting in how to make the BeeArty Shimmer Dust into a paint, like the consistency of acrylic paints which I also love to use.


 Products used:

  • Heavy White Gesso
  • Clear gel medium 
  •  'Life of Colour' paint pens
 'Rustic Blossom' kit including:
  • Papers- strips of 'Crackled' side B
  • Papers- 'Storytime' phrases.
  • Tan 'Shimmer Dust'
  • Stencil- 'Alphabet Jumble'
  • Stamp- 'Owl punk' clear stamp set 
  • Using my fingers ( you could use fingers, paint brushes or scrappers) I sealed my pages of my old book journal with 'Heavy White Gesso'. After it dried, I glued 3 torn strips of the Rustic Blossom 'Crackled' paper onto the pages. Then softened the paper to blend it into the white background by adding more gesso over the surface using both a scrapper and my fingers.


  •  I added squares of varying sizes over my page (odd numbers work best) with Tan 'Shimmer Dust paint' I made. To make the paint I mixed  'Shimmer Dust powder' and water together into a thick mix consistent with acrylic paint. When applying the paint with your brush you will find that several colours can show up. I discovered that a blue appeared when I used my finger to add some gesso to smooth some of the paint. I used this to my advantage as it matching in with my papers. Where I added the paint thicker it stayed different shades of tan/deep brown. This effect was purely discovered through experimentation so go take the chance to experiment, if it doesn't work out how you like you can always cover it with more gesso 'Gesso is your friend' or whilst wet a wet one can also be used. If the colour seperation doesn't
  • I continued to add layers including stamping and stenciling, phrases/words from 'Storytime' paper, journalling and out-lining with black and white 'Life of Colour' paint pens' 

Hope I have inspired you to get in touch with your creativity and you get to explore and experiment with the BeeArty mediums and products. 

Happy creating




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