Wednesday 19 October 2022

You & Me by Charmane Koch

 Happy Days! I've just been on the fabulously AWESOME Bee Arty October Retreat - it was an absolute blast! So inspiring, so fun & so relaxing! Just NOT LONG ENOUGH!

I found my mojo which had been missing for a few weeks, so I was relieved when it came back! Quite easy when you have uber-talented scrappy people around you to ask for their opinions to help get me back in the flow again! Wish I could have a retreat every weekend! 

Anyway, this one was a fun one - it was a BLIND SCRAP - designed by Amy Evans, but instructed by Paige, and as you can imagine sometimes we all don't follow the instructions {or the instructions might not be right?? LOL}

I decided to get out the Moonshadows papers for this & then added bits from my stash as well, coz that's what you do on retreat right - use the stuff you haven't used for ages?

Paige saw the layout and said you MUST use it for the next blog post - luckily I hadn't stuck everything down {like you are supposed to haha!} So I thought I would share the fabulous background I had created...

Firstly I sprayed some Peacock from my little Mini Misters bottle onto the page, dried it with heat gun, and then I have grabbed my NEW Salty Dots stamp and with a Peacock Shimmer Dust and water combo I have stamped onto the layout - which gave the effect above... 

What I loved about this Blind Scrap was using a lot of layered papers - and deciding to use the Moonshadows Collection was perfect as I could use alternate sides... the colours are just beautiful!

The quote was just perfect for this page as well - and the cute Bee Arty Flair matched too!

With the leftover colour from {previous} stamping I soaked up the Peacock colour with strips of Muslin so I added that to the layout too :)

I did add a little bit more from my stash - stuff that was lying on my already messy table - sequins & flowers from previous layouts!

Here are the Bee Arty products I have used:

Mini Misters are fabulous!

I hope I've inspired you to have a play with a little Moonshadows & Saltwater! Spray a bit of colours onto Thick White Cardstock, tear some paper strips and stick it down!

Thanks for popping by to check it out!

XO Charm

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