Wednesday 8 September 2021

'I Spy With My Little Eye' by Sandi Spink

 Hi, everyone. I have been having fun with the new fluoro colours and incorporated my love of journaling with my love of art on canvas. For today's blog post I'd like to share my process of my latest canvas art 'I Spy With My Little Eye'.

Products used:

A4 black canvas

White A4 card stock

Fluoro mica powders :colours- Green, Orange, Pink, Yellow

Colour Blast Colour Paste- 'Stormy Weather' 

A range of Colour Blast stencils- 'Boxed in'. 'Free Hand', 'Lined',

Stamps: 'Making Tracks' and past stamps including an eye and script stamp

Black and white gesso

Black Archival ink

Drawing ink black and white

Tissue paper or paper dress making pattern

Gel medium- as a glue

Arrows and phrase from kits. 


Step1- I drew and then cut out sections from the white A4 to make a template/stencil.

Step 2- I smeared white Gesso using a spatula over 3 of the outer sections, then I mixed the Fluoro yellow with some white gesso and smeared the mixture over the remaining outer sections carefully ensuring a straight edge was made. I smeared a small amount of the yellow mix onto the white sections to connect the areas. 

Step 3- I made a mix of the Fluoro Orange and white gesso to partially fill the rectangle left in the centre, I smeared some orange into the other sections to connect them to the centre colour palette.

Step 4- Using the old dress makers pattern I stamped 2 images of the Eye stamp with Black Archival ink 

- I tore around the stamped images,…. images blend better without straight edges…

Using the gel medium as a glue I coated the backs of the images and glued them onto the canvas.

Step 5: I added layers of different coloured shapes using black gesso and continued to add further layers with a variety of stencils, stamps and drawing ink.

I also added colour using the fluoro powders to the eyes adding a very small amount of water to the powder (a drop) to ensure depth of colour. 



Step 6- I added the final layer that included a Phrase ‘ I spy with this little eye” which I double backed to make it stand out, and some arrows I painted with fluoro paint.


Here are some closeups:



Thanks for joining me and I hope I inspired you to check out the great products and art supplies at . You can find more inspiration and links on BeeArty's facebook page


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