Monday 11 November 2019

Be True 2 You by Michelle Henderson

Hello all!
I have a quick project for you here today.

Here's a little preview..😉 

I started out with a couple of my favourite Colour Artist Inks  - Spice and Cranberry. I thinned them down a lot as I wanted a watercolour look.
I combined them to get the colour I wanted, then smooshed them on to my cardstock.

The next step was to mix a little Colour Artist Ink in Mermaid in with some moulding paste and apply it through a stencil.

Before it dried I dropped a little Bling Colour Embossing Powder on to the paste, then heated it to activate it at the same time as drying the paste.

After that I used some papers from my stash to put the whole page together...

See? Told you it was a quick one today! 
Sometimes we need to just not overthink things...

Anyway, hope you like it!