Friday 21 June 2019

Live Out Loud by Michelle Henderson

Happy Fri-Yay everyone!

I have a little taster for you to start 😀

I'm still playing with my Colour Artist Inks while I'm stalking the Courier for my watercolours 😉

It was time to break out the Border punches - blast from the past...
I brushed some Colour Artist Ink in Marine straight on to Bazzill Marshmallow cardstock, I didn't bother with Gesso (that's why it looks a little mottled) because I knew I was going to be cutting it all up. I used one punch across the full width, with a total of 3 different punches. 

Once I had plenty of border strips, I played with them until I had them the way I wanted, with different tones and punches repeating, then I stuck them together into one big strip. I had already cut circles into another piece of cardstock and they were to back the cut file.

I wanted to put some more colour on the background, so I did this before I backed it, using Colour Artist Inks in Oasis and Mermaid, and the packaging technique. I outlined the circles with Masking Fluid before I started. It needs to be totally dry before inking, and the ink needs to be dry before removing the masking.

I also did a few layers of stamping on the background before I backed the circles.

I coloured some muslin with Marine Colour Artist Ink and set it to dry, then started assembling other layers and embellies. Once it was dry, I placed it under my photo.

Last things to add - the photo cluster and then finally a little journaling 😁

These definitely seem to be my go to colours!

So crack out those old punches and have a go 💙💚💙

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