Monday 10 April 2017

Hello Awesome Lovely Fun by Amy Prior

Hi there Colour Blast fans! Amy Prior back with you all again today, sharing not one, not two, but three layouts with you all that I have recently created.

This first layout is titled "Hello Fun!" and features a photo of me and my gorgeous girl Chloe.

To create the background for this layout, I have started off with a good quality piece of white cardstock, that I have added some Gel Medium through a stencil over the top of. Make sure you use Glossy Gel Medium for this technique. Normal Gel Medium is Glossy but a Matte Gel Medium will not work.

When the Gel Medium is completely dry, mix some Passion Colour Shimmer Dust with water and paint over the background using a large paint brush. The dry gel medium will automatically resist the water based Colour Shimmer Dust colour showing the beautiful stencilled pattern through. Spray around the edges of the coloured areas with water to let the colour disperse a little more. This will remove any harsh looking paint brush strokes creating a more natural looking watercolour effect.

The next layout that I have to share with you is a fun rainbow background layout titled "Awesome Fun". This layout features a photo of my dorky husband and kids trying to push poor Humpty Dumpty off the wall at Hunter Valley Gardens LOL.

To create this background, grab some good quality white cardstock, then proceed to spray a thin line of each of the following Colour Shimmer Sprays Sunshine, Tangareen Dream, Fire Engine, Lipstick, Rose Petal, Royalty, Just Blue, Singin' the Blues, Deep Water, Envy, and Apple of my Eye. Just one quick sprayed line of each colour is enough however if you want a more intense colour, spray each line a few times and dry before spraying the next colour. This will avoid them mixing too much which is what will occur if there is a lot of water on the page. 

When the sprays are all dry, add some Snow White  Colour Paste through a stencil over-the-top of the coloured areas. I love the gorgeous shimmer of the Snow White  Colour Paste and because it is semi-transparent, unlike the other Colour Paste colours, it is a subtle touch of shimmery texture yumminess over any colour!

The final layout that I have to share with you all today is titled "Lovely" and features a gorgeous photo of my two beautiful daughters and one of their cousins, Aurora. 

To create this background, I have started off with another piece of good quality white cardstock which I have covered with some Bead Gel Medium. This is simply Clear Micro Beads mixed with some Gel Medium if you want to try and make some yourself.

When the Gel Bead Medium is dry, spray some Sunshine Colour Shimmer Spray over the top. 

Well that is it from me today, don't forget that you can head on over to the Colour Blast website by clicking here to purchase all these amazing paint products and more!

Until next time, happy scrapping!
Amy Prior xx

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