Wednesday 24 February 2016

"Balance", an Art Journal Page, by Michelle Logan.

A big Hello to everyone! 
Its Michelle here, back at you for my second post for this month. 
This time I am playing with the absolutely gorgeous Colour Pastes, they are wonderfully creamy when wet and glide on like a dream. Once dry the rich colour comes to the fore creating a raised glorious texture.
I thought I would show you my Journal page where I put the pastes through their paces for the first time.

I spread the paste over a fairly large stencil with lots of open spaces as I wanted to see how they went merging 2 colours together. I must say it worked a treat! 
I love the gradual blending of the gold (Bling) and the blue (Singing The Blues) through the stencil and believe me it was super easy to do.

Here is a closer little look. As you can see there is some typewriter print on the stems, which brings me to my next test, will they hold onto ink once dry???
Well a big tick there, I used Stazon ink and a background stamp to get some print on the raised surface once the pastes were completely dry. The print says right where it was put with no smudging...brilliant! I can think of so many other things to do now.

Take a look stamped on wonderfully random!
I created some shadow using a pencil and water to make the stems look more dimensional.

Lastly take a look at that shimmer....glorious isn't it? 
How can you not have at least one colour of these pastes in your craft stash???
Here are the colours I used:

If you are wondering what colour to get first, I say go for the Bling, it goes with everything and it will add some pizzazz to any project! 
But this recommendation comes with a warning ..... once you start creating with the pastes it is decidedly addictive, you WILL want more!!! Just Sayin'!
Thanks for joining me today, stay tuned for more fab inspiration from all the other talented ladies on this team!
Bye For Now! 


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